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Camden next generation active infrared sensor no-touch switches are available in a range of 12/24V AC/DC powered models, with 1 or 2 relays (CM-331/332). There is also a fully wireless model (CM-330), and a battery powered hybrid model, with 1 relay contact (CM-333). For confined spaces and resistance to highly reflective (chrome) surface, there is also a 'short range' model (CM-325).


WIRELESS KEY FOBS - With Relay Receiver

Camden 915Mhz. spread spectrum wireless key fobs are available in 1 button, 2 button and 4 button models, with either raised buttons (for ADA applications) or recessed buttons (for general entry applications). Lazerpoint RF™ fobs feature a battery test gauge, auto enrollment and a lithium battery.


WIRELESS KEY FOBS - With Weigand Receiver

Camden 868 MHz, 2 button Weigand wireless key fobs are compatible with any access control system. These ultra compact transmitters with 300ft range and high security (with rolling code with more than 19 trillion combinations) are economical and designed for high traffic applications.



Camden 'Request To Exit' detectors provide the latest word in design, with a complete list of 'high performance' features, including secondary activation device input, door monitoring, two relay outputs, and tamper alarm, with many new programming, installation, and set-up features never seen in the industry before!



Camden offers a wide range of access control proximity readers, including keypads with built-in proximity readers, to support any access control application. A range of narrow and single gang models are available in HID, AWID, HID/AWID and EM formats.



Camden mobile-ready readers combine Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and contactless smart card technologies. These readers interface with most electronic access control system with an easy download app that turns any smartphone into a secure credential. Cards and key fobs can also be used on the same reader.

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Logo: Camden Door Controls
Phone: 1 877 226-3369
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